The benefits of leasing an electric car


The benefits of leasing an electric car

While they are growing in popularity with British drivers, there is a raft of benefits of leasing an electric car.

There's no doubt hybrid and electric vehicles will be the future of motoring, particularly since the British government has announced that from 2030, we will not be able to buy cars or vans with combustion engines.

However, rather than buying an electric car outright, there are some reasons to consider before signing up to a contract hire electric car deal, so you enjoy the benefits of battery-powered motoring.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the benefits of electric car leasing.


Boost your car lease budget

Among the reasons why drivers may be reticent about switching to electric power is down to the price tag.

But with an electric car lease deal, you will boost your vehicle leasing budget.

You simply need a deposit and work out how much you can afford to pay every month and then choose a great electric car without the hefty initial outlay when you buy one.

Also, the technology for electric cars is evolving so rather than investing in a new battery-powered vehicle, you could opt to lease for two, three or four years with Tilsun Leasing and trade in your car when the deal ends to enjoy the latest technology.


Enjoy lower running costs

The major benefit of leasing an electric car is to enjoy lower running costs.

Rather than filling up with diesel or petrol, you simply plug in your car and recharge the battery.

There are two things to consider here:

  • You could sign up to an off-peak electricity supply deal to enjoy lower costs
  • You could shop around for specific deals from providers with low rates to recharge electric cars.

The result will see you paying just a few pence per mile to run an electric car, which will be less than half the price of running a car powered by diesel or petrol engines.


Electric cars are cheaper to maintain

The other big benefit to leasing an electric car will come down to the maintenance costs.

That's because electric cars have fewer moving parts, so there's less chance of something going wrong.

They are easy to maintain, and you will need to invest in consumables such as brake pads but over the long term, the maintenance bills should be lower.

Don't forget too that when you sign up for an electric car contract hire deal from Tilsun Leasing, you can opt to have the maintenance included for true peace of mind motoring.


Enjoy slower depreciation

Car leasing companies calculate what your monthly repayment will be based on how much your car will lose, or depreciate, in value.

Petrol- and diesel-powered cars can lose up to 40% in the first three years, and for premium marques, the rate of depreciation can be even higher.

However, since electric cars retain their values means that car leasing customers can enjoy affordable monthly repayments when leasing a battery-powered car because of this.


Other benefits of leasing an electric car

Other benefits that also come when you lease an electric car, and they include:

  • Electric cars are quieter than petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles
  • You will boost your eco-credentials when driving a battery-powered car
  • Electric cars are tested for safety in the same way that cars with combustion engines are
  • You will enjoy zero tailpipe emissions.

Also, with zero tailpipe emissions, your contract hire electric car will be exempt - currently - from congestion charges being levied in some cities, and more councils are looking to introduce these.


Leasing an electric car

Essentially, if you are thinking that leasing an electric car is for you, then there's a great range of battery-powered cars to choose from and some excellent deals from Tilsun Leasing. Contact the team today on 03330 040 888.

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