The 5 best cars to lease for first time drivers


The 5 best cars to lease for first time drivers

With car leasing in the UK growing in popularity, the best cars to lease for first time drivers means this is an affordable route for them too.

Along with experienced drivers, leasing a car brings the opportunity of driving a brand-new vehicle packed with the latest safety and infotainment equipment.

And since inexpensive, smaller cars are cheaper to run with lower insurance premiums, means that first time drivers can access some great car leasing deals.

Car leasing is also referred to as personal contract hire (PCH), which effectively means the same thing.


What is car leasing?

Put simply, a first-time driver will need to:

  • Make an initial payment - usually between one and nine months of the monthly payment
  • Be able to afford monthly payments
  • Insure their car
  • Look after the car because they may be liable to excess mileage charges and fair wear and tear costs.

This last point is very important because they will need to pay for serious damage to be repaired.

Also, calculating carefully how many miles you think you will be travelling is crucial because excess mileage charges can be quite high.

It's often cheaper to opt for a more expensive higher annual mileage allowance to avoid this excess mileage charge.

It's also worth checking with a car leasing company what their lowest age for a contract is.

Usually, most firms will not lease to drivers under the age of 18, and some have a minimum age limit of 25.

With Tilsun Leasing, anyone over the age of 18 who is permanently residing in the UK and has a monthly income is able to lease a car.


The benefits of first-time drivers to lease a car

There are various benefits for leasing a car, and for young, first-time drivers it's worth considering.

Firstly, it's a practical route to get the car you really want without having to pay high upfront costs.

You also get behind the wheel of a brand-new car that is covered by the manufacturer's warranty without having the hassle of maintaining an unreliable, old car.

You can choose the make and model of the vehicle you want, and with one monthly payment, there's peace of mind.

Road tax is included, and leasing companies, including Tilsun Leasing, offer maintenance packages to take care of repairs and servicing.

You will have to pay for your own lease car insurance to drive on roads.

Here, the Tilsun Leasing team takes a look at five of the best cars to lease for first-time drivers.


Lease the Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a hatchback and is one of the UK's consistently best-selling cars for very good reason.

It's also a popular choice with young and first-time drivers and offers a well-priced car delivering great levels of performance.

Even the entry-level Fiesta Zetec model offers a comfortable interior, alloy wheels and DAB radio.

It's also a fairly cheap car to insure for most drivers.

The Ford Fiesta is also a practical and spacious choice, as well as being cheap to run.

The Fiesta offers great handling and should help build the confidence of young drivers on the road.


Lease the Vauxhall Corsa

If the Ford Fiesta isn't topping UK's best-selling charts for new cars, it's the ever-popular Vauxhall Corsa.

The Corsa is a classic creation, and the latest version is a well-made and well-designed offering.

There are lots of Corsas on the roads and these are cheap cars to run with some models being very cheap to insure as well.

The Corsa is available with a range of engine sizes and if you think you will be doing a lot of motorway driving, choose one of the larger engines.

It's also available as an all-electric version with a decent range and high comfort levels.

Essentially, when you lease the Vauxhall Corsa, you are driving a practical and stylish car that delivers fun behind the wheel.


Lease the Volkswagen Polo

The third car in our choice of best cars for first-time drivers, is the Volkswagen Polo.

It may not be the most exciting car on our list, but it's an affordable and reliable vehicle to enjoy.

It's also a lovely car to drive and is easy to park and manoeuvre.

The entry level models come with a decent list of equipment and lots of safety kit.

The cabin has been well-designed, and the boot is of a good size and for those who are wanting to build confidence, then there's a lot to like about the VW Polo.

The car feels more solid than the Corsa or Fiesta, but this is a hallmark of the German carmaker.

Of all the cars that first-time drivers should consider, they should certainly look at test driving the Volkswagen Polo as a great lease opportunity.


Lease the Fiat 500

There's no doubt that the Fiat 500 has been a top choice for young and first-time drivers in recent years.

It's a nippy and stylish creation with lots of power for a small car.

The insurance for the 500 is fairly reasonable and there are affordable car leasing packages that are certainly worth looking at.

The latest version of the Fiat 500 offers a well-designed and well-built car that delivers a rewarding drive.

The boot size isn't the largest, and the cabin isn't the best equipped, but the car does offer a stylish, retro vehicle that is a good first car choice.


Lease the Renault Zoe

Since lots  of young people are interested in the environment and the potential of driving an electric car, then it's worth looking at the Renault Zoe.

While it's a small car, drivers can get 150 miles of range and it's a comfortable and nice car to drive.

It's something of an all-rounder with low running costs and there's no road tax to pay because it is emissions free.

There's also an all-electric version of the Fiat 500, plus the ever-popular Nissan Leaf is also worth considering as a first car.

The other big bonus for driving an electric car, is that it doesn't have gears - you simply select 'Drive' and off you go.

Be aware that all of the torque from the electric motor is available from a standing start so progress is swift but may take some inexperienced drivers by surprise.

Leasing the Renault Zoe is an unusual choice but for those who are happy plugging in the car to recharge the battery and enjoy near silent driving in a responsive and agile car, it could be the perfect first-time vehicle choice.


The best cars for first-time drivers to lease

The big attraction for sourcing the best cars for first-time drivers to lease, means that the car needs to be affordable and having a small car is easier to control and learn the rules of the road.

And, while all of the cars here are fairly small, there's no reason why a first-time driver shouldn't look at larger cars such as the Ford Focus or even the Volkswagen T-Cross - a small SUV.

For more help and advice about leasing a car as a first-time driver, then contact the team at Tilsun Leasing on 03330 040 888.

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