The 10 Smallest Electric Cars to Lease in 2022


The 10 Smallest Electric Cars to Lease in 2022


Electric cars have come a long way in terms of popularity and practicality in recent years. With advances in technology, more electric models are available to choose from than ever before. While some people still think of small electric cars as impractical or unsafe, that's no longer the case.

A small electric car makes the perfect electric city car. Its low running costs, tight turning circle and electric motor make it far more economical than a diesel or petrol city car for urban runabouts. Plus, many modern small electric vehicles have the same range as bigger cars in the electric range, so they're perfect for longer trips.

If you're looking for an eco-friendly, economical electric car that doesn't compromise on style or performance, we're here to help. We've taken a closer look at the top 10 smallest electric cars available. These vehicles are not only environmentally friendly and efficient; they're fun to drive and affordable. Let's get started.

10 of the Best Small Electric Cars 2022

1. Honda e

Honda e

The Honda e is one of the best small electric cars on the roads and one of the most distinctive. The supermini is one of the smallest electric cars available at just under four metres long. But Honda has gone big on innovation in this little car. Depending on the model, its rear-mounted electric motor gives drivers 134bhp or 152bhp. It also has a reasonable 137 miles maximum range, roughly London to the Peak District on a single charge.

Explore our Honda e leases now.

2. Volkswagen e Up

Volkswagen e

Over the last decade, Volkswagen has levelled up its electric car offering. Their ID range is at the forefront of the industry, with several other manufacturers using their MEB platform. The Up is VW's smallest electric car, and the manufacturer upgraded it in 2020 to offer a 159-mile official range on a single charge.

Discover our Volkswagen E Up leases today.

3. Mini Electric

Mini Electric

You'd be hard-pressed to differentiate the Mini Electric hatchback on the road from its petrol or diesel counterparts. Mini's electric car keeps the iconic look that it's had for decades but updates it with a pure electric engine. The Mini electric uses the powertrain from the BMW i3 (more on that later), which gives it an impressive 181bhp and 199lb-ft of torque. In terms of maximum range, it keeps up with its competitors by offering 144 miles on a single charge. The Mini Electric blows the doors off.

Take a look at our Mini Electric leases.

4. Peugeot e 208

Peugeot e

The Peugeot e 208 first hit the roads in 2020 at the same time as a lot of other electric cars. But the e 208 stands out from the competition by having the best prices and design. It blends performance, practicality and style both inside and out with a distinctive chassis and rich interior. But where the e 208 stands out is its range. It offers a massive 217 miles on a single charge and leaves many other small electric cars in the dust.

Find a Peugeot e 208 lease today.

5. Vauxhall Corsa E

Vauxhall Corsa E

The Corsa has long been one of the UK's most popular cars and was the best-selling car last year. Alongside the Ford Fiesta, the Corsa dominates the small car market, and now it's gone electric. Visually the Corsa e is almost identical to its combustion engine counterparts but underneath the hood is where it sets itself apart. Vauxhall's small electric car offers an impressive 209-mile maximum range if you choose the 50kWh model. With the car industry going all-electric soon, the Corsa looks to continue its domination.

Explore our range of Corsa E leases.

6. Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is one of the most popular small electric cars, and it's easy to see why — especially with recent upgrades. It comes with a 52kWh battery that gives you a substantial 239-miles maximum range on a single charge. While the design of the Zoe hasn't changed all that much (unless you opt for the R135 model), the inside has seen some drastic improvements. The interior design is modern and attractive, and the infotainment is incredibly easy to use. The Zoe is perfect for driving around town; it's nippy, quiet and perfect for squeezing into tight parking spots.

Find a Renault Zoe lease deal today.

7. Smart EQ ForTwo

Smart for Two

The Smart car is partly responsible for the electric car revolution in many ways. The manufacturer that's part of the Mercedes group started making small, compact and eco-friendly cars in the mid-90s. While the vehicles initially still had combustion engines, their iconic ForTwo model is now all-electric. With a maximum range of only 80-miles, it's not ideal for long drives, but if you're looking at small electric cars for town and city driving, the Smart ForTwo is perfect.

8. BMW i3

BMW i3

With the BMW i3, the manufacturer has taken the idea of a compact, small electric car and given it some of that BMW magic. While it hit roads slightly later than its competitors, the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe, the i3 pushes the boundaries of EV design both inside and out. Originally the i3 came with a plug-in range extender, but it is now purely electric. It offers a 188-mile maximum range and has received rave reviews about its driving experience.

Explore BMW i3 lease deals.

9. Fiat 500 Electric

FIat Electric

Like the Mini Electric, you'd be hard pushed to distinguish between the Fiat 500 electric and its mild-hybrid counterpart. That is until you see them side by side. The new electric 500 keeps the classic Italian retro style you see everywhere but makes a car perfect for modern driving. It has a maximum range of 199 miles and has 177bhp, which makes it very nippy getting around town. Like most small electric cars, it's not ideal for motorway driving, but it copes well with light steering, good grip and a comfortable interior.

Discover our Fiat 500 lease deals today.

10. Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

No list of the best small electric cars would be complete without the Nissan Leaf. When the Leaf was first released, it left pretty much every other small EV in the dust. While other manufacturers were making small, buggy-like electric cars, the Leaf looked like a typical car and had good acceleration and a decent top speed. The newest models have improved upon the accolades of the original, and it is now slightly bigger, faster and has better battery capacity. It's available in two models, with the extra power 62kWh model having a maximum range of 239 on a single charge.

Find a Nissan Leaf lease deal today.

Find a Small Electric Car Lease Today

If you're thinking about joining the eco-friendly car revolution and going electric, there's no better way than with an electric car lease. A small electric vehicle is perfect if you're looking for a city car or something for everyday driving. 

But it's not just small cars where going electric is a good idea. If you're in the market for a bigger car, plenty of electric SUVs, saloons, and crossovers are perfect for the family and long-range driving. Plus, if you can secure a plug-in car grant, you can save money on the initial expense of driving an electric car.

Explore our extensive range of electric car leases today and find the perfect electric car for you. Our leases are available for business and personal use, and you can tailor your lease to suit your needs. Get in touch with our team today if you have questions about leasing an electric car, the leasing process, etc. Call us on 03330 040 888 or email [email protected].

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